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/aw-toh-maj'i-klee/ or /aw-toh-maj'i-k*l-ee/ Automatically, but in a way that, for some reason (typically because it is too complicated, or too ugly, or perhaps even too trivial), the speaker doesn't feel like explaining to you.

E.g. "The C-INTERCAL compiler generates C, then automagically invokes cc to produce an executable."

See magic.
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(AUTOmatic MAGIC) A play on the word "automatic." The capabilities of electronic and computer-oriented devices are magic to many people. In fact, the internal workings of the chip are "automagic" even to those who designed it. "It's just automagic" may be a response to avoid answering a technical question in detail. See automation.
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Fixing short- and long-term staffing shortages is not going to happen automagically by a school or college deciding to focus on training students for our industry.
Simply forward your travel-related confirmation e-mails to, and Tripit will "automagically" create a simple itinerary to access on a your Smartphone or anywhere online.
A sum of 115 million euro, even if leveraged' automagically by the European Investment Bank, does not change fundamentals in hard times.
A sum of 115 million, even if leveraged' automagically by the European Investment Bank, does not change fundamentals in hard times.
Installing one automagically resolves several issues, among them eliminating the hot/cold seat, sticky vinyl and unsightly, worn and torn upholstery.
E1/4People love waking up in the morning to find that their New York Times, their Washington Post, their Wall Street Journal have been 'automagically' delivered overnight.
The resulting display sequence looked as if the computer had automagically been able to sort a mixed set of numeric and alpha data, when in computing terms, the PC was not capable of such a task.
The LXI Consortium has adopted mDNS, a technique that automagically assigns IP addresses to configure a network without requiring any active user action or special servers.
The self-help book includes such coined terms as "automagically," exercises, and testimonials from people who have successfully applied these principles, but lacks references.