automated radar terminal system

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automated radar terminal system

[′ȯd·ə‚mād·əd ′rā‚där ′tərm·ən·əl ‚sis·təm]
A system for carrying out air-traffic control in the vicinity of airports which uses both airport surveillance radar and the air-traffic radar beacon system; radar video, representing aircraft targets, is presented on the air-traffic controllers' displays, and the automation system automatically tracks controlled aircraft and presents alpha-numeric information adjacent to their targets. Abbreviated ARTS.

automated radar terminal system (ARTS)

Computer-aided radar display subsystem capable of associating alphanumeric data with radar returns. The system displays information to the terminal controller, including aircraft identification, flight plan data, and other flight associated information like altitude, speed, and aircraft position symbols, along with radar presentation. The system facilitates inter/intrafacility transfer and coordination of flight information data. ARTS is a generic term and has several automated systems components. Each of these provides different capabilities. ARTS plus has a Roman numeral automation system.
i. ARTS-II is a programmable, nontracking, computer-aided display subsystem that provides an automated air traffic control facility for low-to-medium activity. Flight identification and altitude may be associated with the display of secondary radar targets. The system has the capability to exchange flight plans with air route traffic control centers (ARTCC). Further, additional modules can expand the system's capability.
ii. ARTS-III is the beacon-tracking level of modular, programmable, automated radar terminal systems for use at terminals with medium-to-high activity. The system is capable of detecting, tracking, and predicting secondary radar-derived targets. This information is displayed as computer-generated symbols along with alphanumeric characters indicating flight identification, aircraft altitude, its ground speed, and the flight plan data. The system, however, does not track primary targets. The system is capable of communicating with ARTCC and other ART-III facilities.
iii. ARTS-III A is the radar-tracking and beacon-tracking level of modular, programmable, automated radar terminal system. It can detect, track, and predict primary as well as secondary radar-derived targets. This ensures improved tracking, continuous data recording, and almost failsafe capabilities.
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The current system, Automated Radar Terminal Systems (ARTS), actually takes 20+ seconds to update all the data.

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