automatic circuit breaker

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circuit breaker

An electric device for opening and closing a circuit, designed to open the circuit automatically upon flow of a predetermined value of abnormally high current; may be repeatedly reclosed and reused as an automatic over-current protection device without replacement of any components.
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"We believe that, along with the new trading regulations introduced in the second half of 2010 as a result of the cooperation of the ISE and the CMB, the ISE Automatic Circuit Breaker System constitutes a milestone in efficient market surveillance," the ISE said in a statement on its website.
RBS, which is 73 per cent owned by the taxpayer, and Barclays saw their shares suspended for five minutes as automatic circuit breakers sprung into action when they dropped more than 8 per cent.
Two tenders for the rehabilitation/ replacement of (a) the automatic circuit breakers serving the low pressure switchboard of the power station at the Horses Riding Stadium, also (b) maintenance of power transformers at different locations within the Stadium's premises.
For electrical machinery, the country toped among JapanAEs markets for automatic circuit breakers, electric conductors and liquid transformers.

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