automatic circuit breaker

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circuit breaker

An electric device for opening and closing a circuit, designed to open the circuit automatically upon flow of a predetermined value of abnormally high current; may be repeatedly reclosed and reused as an automatic over-current protection device without replacement of any components.
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We believe that, along with the new trading regulations introduced in the second half of 2010 as a result of the cooperation of the ISE and the CMB, the ISE Automatic Circuit Breaker System constitutes a milestone in efficient market surveillance," the ISE said in a statement on its website.
Table 17: US Automatic Circuit Breakers (Under 1000V) Market (2011): Percentage Share Breakdown of Import Value by Country of Origin (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-5
Table 2: US Imports of Automatic Circuit Breakers (2008):
Through the SCADA/EMS System, a large number of tele-control commands were issued and performed on the Medium Voltage Automatic Circuit Breakers, without the need for staff to be present at Transmission and primary Substations.
Real high voltage ship born Automatic Circuit Breakers (ACB) units from Terasaki with fully functional trip device module were integrated as well.
Table 3: Canadian Exports of Automatic Circuit Breakers
One of the most recently completed projects involved installing automatic circuit breakers, called reclosers, on many power lines across ComEd's northern Illinois service territory.

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