automatic elevator

automatic elevator, self-service elevator

An elevator which starts and stops automatically in response to the pushing of a button at one of the landings or in the car.
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From steam and hydraulic elevators, to more recent electric and automatic elevator, these 160 years have been focused on safely transporting people higher and faster.
Japan is one of the favorite pedagogical bogeymen, but on a trip to Tokyo I witnessed four people employed to complete every retail transaction and two women required to operate an automatic elevator. I suspect that the four people making change at every department store checkout counter or the two women piloting one elevator did not succeed in calculus class.
* Smaller apartment buildings: A push-button automatic elevator with a manually operated external door.
Before ordering the elevator, Tim Fehrenbach of Bach Mobilities, Inc., suggested an automatic elevator door instead of a manually closing one.
Presently, San Francisco's building code requires that all new commercial high-rises over 75 feet tall be equipped with a life safety system comprised of the following: two smoke-proof stairwell enclosures, automatic elevator recall, a fire alarm system, smoke detectors, emergency pumps, fire sprinklers on all floors, a voice alarm and public address system, and a fire department communications panel, according to Chief Joe Medina, fire marshal for the city and county of San Francisco, and chief of the Division of Fire Prevention and Investigation.
Under San Francisco law, building owners must equip new high-rises over 75 feet high with a comprehensive life safety system, comprised of automatic fire sprinklers (there is no provision for compartmentation in lieu of sprinklerization in San Francisco), automatic elevator recall, fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, emergency pumps, voice alarms, a public address system, and a fire department communications panel.

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