automatic elevator

automatic elevator, self-service elevator

An elevator which starts and stops automatically in response to the pushing of a button at one of the landings or in the car.
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From steam and hydraulic elevators, to more recent electric and automatic elevator, these 160 years have been focused on safely transporting people higher and faster.
Tenders are invited for Supply and installation, commissioning and testing of Semi Automatic Elevator for 5 Passenger 340Kg, 5 stops G Plus 3 and inclusive of all taxes, royalty carting.
It will provide amenities such as video door phones with camera, smart card / biometric entry access, fully automatic elevator, air-conditioned gymnasium, DTH connection with set-top box, PNG piping in kitchen, hydro-pneumatic pressure system, fully automatic water softening plant, and laminated wooden flooring in all three bedrooms.
The Edgewater Hotel was the first hotel in Waikiki to have an automatic elevator and a swimming pool, and it set the standard for Outrigger's growth in Waikiki in the succeeding decades, meeting the needs of generations of travelers seeking moderately priced rooms in Waikiki.
Smaller apartment buildings: A push-button automatic elevator with a manually operated external door.
Japan is one of the favorite pedagogical bogeymen, but on a trip to Tokyo I witnessed four people employed to complete every retail transaction and two women required to operate an automatic elevator.
Liberty View is 100 percent fiber access ready, air conditioned with back-up generator, new automatic elevators.
The automatic elevators that chauffeur the customers from one floor to another are lightning fast.
In fact, this building was one of New York's first department stores with automatic elevators.
Even buildings that do so often also have automatic elevators.

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