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The built-in word processor offers a number of sophisticated features, including: insert, delete, cut, paste, and copy; plain, bold underline and italic styles; 30 typefaces plus resident printer fonts, with font sizes from five to 72 points; superscripts and subscripts; search and replace; automatic hyphenation and soft hyphenation; mail merge for creating personalized mailings with the contact manager database; center, left, and full justification; three levels of indent; adjustable margins and tabs; and support for ASCII, Spinnaker Eight-In- One, and Word Publisher 5.
This enhancement enables Free Edit users to enjoy the full power of Pageflex composition technology - including the ability to flow text on a path, automatic hyphenation, and other professional-level typographic controls -- within the highly accessible Flash platform.
bullets, automatic hyphenation and character, word, line and
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