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Automatic Shutdown Diagnostics: High Compressor Temperature, Low Engine Oil Pressure Or High Engine Oil Temperature
The new firmware is rounded off by other configuration options such as an automatic signaling that no transponder has been detected within the specified trigger active time or an automatic shutdown of the RF field after the detection of a transponder within the trigger active time.
The safety systems on the ride which were activated by the automatic shutdown meant it took longer than we would have liked to locate the fault before we were able to bring the ride back to its parking position.
Post-backup task options including automatic shutdown or system restart.
The V6300 can be programmed to send automatic shutdown signals to the production line after a set number of consecutive or patterned failures, reducing the amount of wasted material.
Should a process deviate from normal operation an automatic shutdown will occur and visual and audible signals will commence to signify a change in status to the operator.
These measures can be addressed to different layers of protection: one can make the plant inherently safer by redesigning processes or implement safety instrumented systems (SIS) which are capable of bringing the process back to a safe state, for example, by an automatic shutdown.
Therein lies nuclear power's fatal flaw, because an automatic shutdown does not stop the ongoing heat generated inside each nuclear reactor.
The rules will include an automatic shutdown of the taxi meter, followed by an investigation, if the driver goes 20kph over the speed limit.
If lawmakers are at an impasse and cannot pass a temporary budget by the start of a new fiscal year, however, state governments may experience an automatic shutdown.
Meanwhile in Plymouth, Massachusetts, a nuclear power plant has experienced automatic shutdown as a result of the snow storm.
2-centimetre) screen that is 22 per cent larger than the previous S2 version, while it can detect eye movements and override the automatic shutdown if the user is looking at the screen.
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