automatic test equipment

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automatic test equipment

[¦ȯd·ə¦mad·ik ′test i‚kwip·mənt]
Test equipment that makes two or more tests in sequence without manual intervention; it usually stops when the first out-of-tolerance value is detected.
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(Automated Test Equipment) Machines that test electronic systems, primarily chips. See EDA.
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Nextest Systems Corporation is a low-cost leader in the design and manufacture of automatic test equipment (ATE) for Flash memory and System-On-Chip semiconductors.
With a focus on the automatic test equipment market, this switch is most popular as a building block for test systems that perform to 26 GHz.
Teradyne (NYSE: TER) is the world's largest supplier of automatic test equipment and high performance interconnection systems for the electronics, telecommunications and Internet industries.
We included sales from the design, development, manufacture and support of threat warning receivers, jammers and electronic support measures equipment, automatic test equipment used to support electronic warfare systems; software and software upgrades; microwave and other components used on electronic warfare systems; antiradar missiles, ground vehicles and airborne platforms dedicated to electronic warfare missions; test and range management services and studies and other technical services in support of electronic warfare.
Electrical test instruments mentioned include signal generators, communication test equipment, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, automatic test equipment, and panel instruments.
BAE Systems is a leading provider of SI technology for advanced Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) programs used in commercial and military and aerospace applications.
Teradyne Inc (NYSE:TER), a supplier of Automatic Test Equipment used to test semiconductors, wireless products, data storage and complex electronic systems, said on Wednesday that it has completed the acquisition of wireless testing solutions provider LitePoint Corporation.
has announced its fully integrated high power amplifier modules which are said to be suitable for Cellular/3G repeater, laboratory and automatic test equipment (ATE) applications.
(Boston, MA), a supplier of automatic test equipment, has announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire GenRad, Inc.
Lo-Cog brush-commutated dc gearmotors are designed to deliver increased output torque, smooth and quiet operation, and long life in applications such as computer peripherals, imaging equipment, clinical diagnostic and automatic test equipment, and factory automation.
Figure 2 shows the thermal stability performance of a 5 MHz SC-cut third-overtone OCXO as it is swept from -30[degrees] to + 70[degrees]C and then back to -30[degrees]C using automatic test equipment (ATE).

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