autonomous vehicle

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autonomous vehicle

[ȯ¦tän·ə·məs ′vē·ə·kəl]
A vehicle that is able to plan its path and to execute its plan without human intervention.
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autonomous vehicle

A car or truck that is self driving. Following are the five stages of automation for vehicles. Each stage includes all the functions of the previous ones. See self-driving car.

Stage 1 - Antilock brakes (see ABS).

Stage 2 - Warnings (low tire pressure, open doors).

Stage 3 - Safety systems. See adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance system, lane departure system, blind spot monitoring and adaptive headlights.

Stage 4 - User-initiated self driving like the autopilot in an airplane cockpit; for example, Tesla's Autopilot. We are currently at this stage in 2019. See self-driving car.

Stage 5 - Self driving. No steering wheel.
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Aptiv PLC (NYSE: APTV), a global technology company involved in mobility, is expanding its autonomous driving capabilities in China with the establishment of the company's China Autonomous Mobility Centre.
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Given close synergies with the company's service-led model, backed by in-house application development, the company anticipates opportunities to significantly scale Objective's existing projects in autonomous driving and connected mobility.
Nissan says it'll have its autonomous driving system in production cars by 2020.
Auto Business News-March 20, 2019--XPENG Motors to launch new autonomous driving and intelligent connected vehicle technologies at 2019 Auto Shanghai
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 20, 2019--XPENG Motors to launch new autonomous driving and intelligent connected vehicle technologies at 2019 Auto Shanghai
Analog Devices (ADI) announced that it has signed a collaboration memorandum of understanding with Baidu (BIDU) to jointly advance autonomous driving. The collaboration is expected to enhance autonomous driving solutions for Project Apollo, Baidu's autonomous driving system platform, including sensor fusion, algorithms and ecosystem partners.
Not a special edition named after controversial Tory Ian Duncan Smith, but an electric vehicle that's an autonomous driving prototype.
Auto Business News-September 20, 2018--TuSimple launches Level 4 fully autonomous driving solution

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