autonomous system

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Autonomous System

(networking, routing)
(AS) A collection of routers under a single administrative authority, using a common Interior Gateway Protocol for routing packets.
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autonomous system

A network that is administered by a single set of management rules that are controlled by one person, group or organization. Autonomous systems often use only one routing protocol, although multiple protocols can be used. The core of the Internet is made up of many autonomous systems. See ASN, BGP, routing protocol and path vector protocol. See also self-driving car.
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Autonomous systems will become part of the social landscape, and as autonomy and computational intelligence grow, these systems will continually raise difficult questions about the role of safety and effective integration with humans.
Even with the challenges scientists face with the drive toward autonomous systems, the next couple of decades should be a revolutionary time for the Air Force and sister services.
The Army also recently stood up the Training and Doctrine Command Project Office for Maneuver Robotics and Autonomous Systems at Fort Benning, Georgia.
Moreover, V&V best practices would be well served by introspective mechanisms allowing testers to peer into an autonomous system's reasoning.
There is a lot of food for thought in the report on how members of the military may interact with these autonomous systems.
While the full realization of autonomous systems may be decades away, we need to take steps toward developing technology in this direction today.
Alongside, the Bosch level 3 autonomous system will include a large end-user display that combines every element of the car - air conditioning, music, etc., alongside working as the interface for alerting a drive to the status of the car's autonomous workings.
This diverse group of interests provided a solid foundation for our panel discussion exploring the role of adaptation, "Is the ability to adapt a necessary condition for successful long-term interaction between humans and autonomous systems?" Those who said yes believed that unless designers are onmiscient it is not possible to maintain a successful long-term relationship between a human, who adapts and changes, and an autonomous system, which does not adapt.
The company's autonomous system is to compete with Tesla's Auto Pilot.

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