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The objectives of this study were to determine the demographic distribution of cases of RTAs that presented for autopsy, the location of fatal injuries, the identity of those autopsied and the year-round variation in these cases.
She asked me to have her autopsied so that our daughter or others could be treated.
This raises concern for introduction of neoplasia into the donor pool from cases that are not autopsied or from cases in which the autopsy is not focused on a detailed assessment of neoplastic and infectious disease risk.
To the extent that these cases are misdiagnosed and not autopsied, they could contribute to overestimation of the autopsy rate.
(1) In addition, the embalming procedure is a little more difficult and time consuming in an autopsied body than in an intact body.
Researchers detected it in autopsied brain tissue from 48 (86 percent) of 56 people who died with Alzheimer's.