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see post-mortem examinationpost-mortem examination
or autopsy,
systematic examination of a cadaver for study or for determining the cause of death. Post-mortems use many methodical procedures to determine the etiology and pathogenesis of diseases, for epidemologic purposes, for establishment of
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(section, obduction), the examination of a corpse in order to clarify the nature of the morbid changes and establish the cause of death.

Autopsies maybe either pathologicoanatomical or medicolegal; the first explores death from various diseases in a medical facility, while the latter refers to deaths that may be ascribed to violent or criminal action and that are ordered investigated by legal authorities. Autopsy plays an enormous role in instruction and refinement of the physician’s knowledge (as a check for the validity of diagnosis and treatment). Autopsies are also used as a basis for the exploration of problems in thanatology and resuscitation and the statistical indexes of mortality and lethality. Data from medicolegal autopsies have an important and sometimes decisive influence in court. Pathologicoanatomical autopsy is carried out by a pathological anatomist-physician (prosector) in specially equipped institutions attached to clinics or hospitals; medicolegal autopsies are performed by an expert in forensic medicine at the morgue. Autopsies are performed according to a prescribed method, and the findings are presented either in an autopsy report (for pathologicoanatomical autopsy) or a legal statement (for medicolegal autopsy).



A postmortem examination of the body to determine cause of death.


dissection and examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death
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In response, Minnesota Senator Tony Lourey (D) introduced a bill to allow families to object to autopsies on religious grounds, but let judges order them to be performed in a minimally intrusive manner when there was "compelling state interest.
The Autopsy Committee includes members who practice in academic and/or community hospital settings, as well as in medical examiner offices, and each has at least 10 years of experience performing autopsies.
Although an earlier study measured unexplained deaths and critical illnesses (4), the demographic characteristics and clinicopathologic syndromes of persons whose deaths are unexplained who undergo autopsies have not been described.
Imaging findings for autopsied and non-autopsied cases; autopsies were performed on 121 cases; 71 cases were not autopsied.
Autopsies (from the Greek word autopsia, meaning 'to see with one's own eyes'), have been performed for centuries, in one form or the other, to learn about the form and inner workings of the human body and to ascertain the cause of death in deceased individuals.
Pathologist Prof Derrick Pounder, who led the research, said: "We need fewer autopsies to perform them better.
Thomsen, chief forensic pathologists at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine of Portugal and the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Odense, respectively, based their opinion on reports describing the two autopsies performed on Saeid's body on June 7 and 16, as well as on photographs taken during the autopsies.
Drawing on reason's reporting, the criminal justice advocacy organization the Innocence Project called on Mississippi to bar Hayne from doing any more autopsies in the state.
Refusal to honor Ross's moral objection violates Washington's statute governing autopsies and contravenes fundamental notions of religious freedom and equal protection, court documents claim.
Indian investigators - who have been accused by the girl's mother of covering up murder - had conducted two autopsies on Keeling after she was found dead on Goa's popular Anjuna beach.
It is regrettable that autopsies were not performed in the above cases.
Autopsies are also valuable because they may reveal a cause of death wholly unknown and/or unsuspected by the decedent's health care providers.