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see post-mortem examinationpost-mortem examination
or autopsy,
systematic examination of a cadaver for study or for determining the cause of death. Post-mortems use many methodical procedures to determine the etiology and pathogenesis of diseases, for epidemologic purposes, for establishment of
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(section, obduction), the examination of a corpse in order to clarify the nature of the morbid changes and establish the cause of death.

Autopsies maybe either pathologicoanatomical or medicolegal; the first explores death from various diseases in a medical facility, while the latter refers to deaths that may be ascribed to violent or criminal action and that are ordered investigated by legal authorities. Autopsy plays an enormous role in instruction and refinement of the physician’s knowledge (as a check for the validity of diagnosis and treatment). Autopsies are also used as a basis for the exploration of problems in thanatology and resuscitation and the statistical indexes of mortality and lethality. Data from medicolegal autopsies have an important and sometimes decisive influence in court. Pathologicoanatomical autopsy is carried out by a pathological anatomist-physician (prosector) in specially equipped institutions attached to clinics or hospitals; medicolegal autopsies are performed by an expert in forensic medicine at the morgue. Autopsies are performed according to a prescribed method, and the findings are presented either in an autopsy report (for pathologicoanatomical autopsy) or a legal statement (for medicolegal autopsy).


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A postmortem examination of the body to determine cause of death.
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dissection and examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death
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Although the proposed "diagnostic and management autopsy," (1) (p887) in some situations, may help answer specific questions from the families or clinicians, it could be disastrous to the role of autopsy as a quality-assurance measure.
The autopsy report further confirmed nail marks on the girl's throat along with finger marks on the neck.
The following attitudes were explicitly inquired about, after the loss and 6 months later, to guide the interviews: autopsy beyond consideration owing to religious reasons; autopsy desired although prohibited by religion; autopsy resisted owing to concerns that it cut the baby's body; autopsy worth considering after being informed what an autopsy is and entails; autopsy of no advantage as it would not bring the baby back; acknowledges benefits of autopsy; autopsy benefits the mothers by helping to understand the death of a baby better; autopsy desired for potential benefits to future pregnancies; autopsy not desired because husband/partner is opposed to it and it would influence the relationship negatively; autopsy desired despite partner/husband not approving.
Since very few studies have been documented in India regarding the distribution of the congenital malformations, this study will give a comparison of the congenital malformations detected prenatally by ultrasonography and postnatally by radiography with the morphological findings at foetal autopsy and also the quantum of additional information autopsy can provide.
During a period from January 2015 to June 2016, a total of 410 specimens of lungs from autopsy subjects received at autopsy section of Histopathology Department at a tertiary care hospital in Ahmedabad were studied.
Carswell has said she asked for an independent autopsy, but her husband's autopsy was performed by a separate hospital under the same ownership as Christus St.
The Palestinian Prisoner's Society (PPS) Thursday said the Israeli Supreme Court rejected an appeal to allow a Palestinian doctor to take part in the actual autopsy of al-Sharif.
Safiya added that the Court ordered that he should be informed of the autopsy date beforehand so that he can get an entry permission for the Palestinian doctor.
Conclusion: Medical autopsy even today in the environment of a tertiary care hospital has irrefutable contribution in establishing final diagnosis and determining errors and omissions.
Generally, when an autopsy is required, a medical examiner does not need consent from the decedent's next of kin before doing the procedure.
"We will conduct autopsy at least on bodies of the pilot, co- pilot and examples of passengers," with coordination with the police, family members and relatives, said Budiono.