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A cedar tree was cut down, and autoradiographs were taken of disks representing different heights of the tree.
After rinsing in water to remove the hexose sugars, a second autoradiograph was developed and captured for each blot.
At the conference, Lifecodes scientist Michael Baird, who had by then testified in more than 20 hearings in the United States, gave a presentation in which he showed several autoradiographs, or autorads--the x-ray images examined to determine if the patterns on two samples match--and claimed that he would sometimes call a match even when the patterns did not quite line up but were similar.
The collection contains biographical materials, correspondence, interview transcripts, published articles, research notebooks, photographs, autoradiographs, scientific conference programs, speeches, audiovisual media, computer disks, and electronic files.
Retina scans, CCTV, DNA databases, autoradiographs, and satellite photography translate identity markers into digital code and "[abstract] human bodies from their territorial settings" (Haggerty and Ericson 606).
The comparison of autoradiographs showed that the RFLP patterns were all identical, indicating that these isolates do not contain polymorphism regarding the analysed restriction sites.
His large-scale paintings based on autoradiographs fuse the traditions of abstract art with cutting-edge scientific imaging technology.
The autoradiographs obtained were used to determine the radioactive areas, which were removed, cut in small pieces and centrifuged in eppendorff's vessels.
After exposure of blots to X-ray film, autoradiographs were quantified by scanning laser densitometry (LKB Produkter, Bromma, Sweden).
Meyer, Mutual Information for Automated Unwarping of Rat Brain Autoradiographs, Neuroimage, 5(1), 31-40, 1997.