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The re-inspections at American and Delta stemmed from a 2006 order for airlines to ensure that wiring for an auxiliary hydraulic pump was properly installed and secured to minimize risks for electrical shorts that could spark a fire.
Operators using the new joystick controls will be able to use a yellow proportional thumb switch to control the variable-flow auxiliary hydraulic pump.
As with the other HPTO models, the clutch will include direct drive and belt drive configurations and the HPTO 20 will also incorporate three auxiliary hydraulic pump drives rated at 120 hp each.
This AD would require repetitive inspections of the number 1 and 2 electric motors of the auxiliary hydraulic pump for electrical resistance, continuity, mechanical rotation and associated wiring resistance/voltage; and corrective actions if necessary.
The FAA has also released a document proposing the adoption of an AD that is applicable to certain Cessna model 750 aircraft that would require the replacement of reset circuit breakers for the auxiliary hydraulic pump system and the King KHF 950 high frequency communication system(s) with new circuit breakers.
The loader control and auxiliary hydraulic pump is a Sauer-Sundstrand 32 cc/rev gear pump that provides a flow of 16.
The auxiliary hydraulic pump is a Sauer-Sundstrand unit that provides power for the bucket lift, tilt, and dump functions via a Melroe mechanical control valve, as well as hydraulically powered attachments.
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