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audio jack

A socket for plugging in an audio source. Audio jacks are found on many types of audio equipment and musical instruments that accept external sound sources. In a car or truck, an audio jack, also called a "media jack" or "auxiliary (AUX) jack," is a mini-phone socket that connects any portable music player to the vehicle's amplifier and speakers. One end of a mini-phone cable plugs into the headphones socket of any CD, tape cassette or digital music player, and the other end plugs into the car's audio jack. An iPod can be hooked up in this manner as well, but there are also adapters designed strictly for the iPod (see MP3 car adapter and iPod car adapter). See jack and A/V ports.

Audio Jacks
Phone and mini-phone sockets are the traditional audio jacks. The jacks are the sockets, not the plugs.

Jacks Are Just Holes
Both used to connect headphones, the 1/4" phone socket (top) is on a stereo receiver, and the 1/8" mini-phone socket (below) is on an iPod touch. See phone connector and mini-phone connector.
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0 with five-inch screen and hands-free calling, one-year of SiriusXM Radio, a 12-volt auxiliary power outlet, three USB ports, one auxiliary port and automatic headlamps and 160-amp alternator, 3.
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The speaker also comes with an auxiliary port to let users connect other devices like an MP3 player and other audio sources via a 3.
The Ameo can also play music through an auxiliary port, CD and FM/AM.
That includes a comprehensive five year warranty and features like air conditioning, electrically operated & heated door mirrors, a leather-covered steering wheel and gear knob and an MP3 CD & RDS radio with a USB & auxiliary port and Bluetooth connectivity.
The headset is compatible to many in service radios, has an auxiliary port to allow a secondary connection to a cellphone or other audio enabled device, and is specifically designed to reduce both risk and effect of short and long term hearing damage in combat and high noise environments - a major Department of Defense priority.
An RJ11 PSTN port is ideal for use as an auxiliary port for connecting devices such as a call box.
The RCD 510 radio with touch screen has a sixCD changer, auxiliary port and Bluetooth to keep you and your occupants well entertained.
Admittedly, the model I took featured little more than a radio, CD player and MP3 auxiliary port, but who needs anything else to distract from the impeccable drive?
The all new Korando offers advanced technologies including, dual remote keyless entry system, parking aid system, six-speaker audio system with CD (MP3), USB memory slot, auxiliary port, bluetooth, cruise control, trip computer, front fog lamps, a stylish silver roof rail and sunroof, a statement from Motorcity said.
The Korando Sports EX comes fitted with an MP3/CD player and radio, with Bluetooth connectivity and a USB and auxiliary port.
Alongside Bluetooth, there's also an auxiliary port for plugging in other audio devices, while a handy USB port in the rear means you can place your iPad in the dock to charge, while at the same time powering up your iPhone or other device.

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