auxiliary power unit

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auxiliary power unit

[ȯg′zil·yə·rē ′pau̇·ər ‚yü·nət]
(aerospace engineering)
A power unit carried on an aircraft or spacecraft which can be used in addition to the main sources of power. Abbreviated APU.

auxiliary power unit (APU)

A power generation unit for operation of systems like hydraulic, air conditioning, electrical, and avionics. It may provide AC (alternate current) or DC (direct current) supply. The APU is normally used prior to starting the aircraft and for testing systems on the ground. In rare cases, it can provide some thrust in an emergency. Ground auxiliary power units provide current for starting engines. See airborne/auxiliary power unit.
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in Boston earlier this month originated from a battery for the auxiliary power unit.
A guarantee for performance of the contract in each specific case of maintenance and repair of aircraft F2000 SN 123, identification mark LZ-OOI, engines CFE 738-1-1B, Auxiliary Power Unit HONEYWELL GTCP36-150 (F2M) - 1% of the contract price;
Pratt & Whitney is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines and auxiliary power units.
The subject of public procurement is the overhaul of auxiliary power unit SAPHIR 5th
Pratt & Whitney AeroPower said it has signed a long-term auxiliary power unit maintenance support agreement with Zhejiang Loong Airlines for its new fleet of 30 Airbus A320 family aircraft, including nine A320neos.
Contract award: maintenance of aircraft f2000 sn 123, identification mark lz-ooi, engines cfe 738-1-1b, auxiliary power unit honeywell gtcp36-150 (f2m) of aviootryad 28.
The APS3200 auxiliary power unit is currently on board more than 1,700 Airbus A320 aircraft around the world and has accumulated more than 31m hours since entering service on the Airbus A320 family of aircraft.
Contract award: technical service forms c check, removal of faults and defects, modifications and unscheduled work on aircraft airbus a-319-112 3188 msn, engines cfm 56-5b6 / p, auxiliary power unit honeywell 131-9a (apu 131-9a) of aviootryad 28 and delivery / return and certification of components, assemblies and consumables for plane airbus a-319-112, engines cfm 56-5b6 / p, auxiliary power unit apu 131-9a (apu 131-9a) a framework agreement "with the following two lots:
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 5, 2014-Scoot picks Pratt and Whitney AeroPower for auxiliary power unit maintenance support
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation, a supplier of technologically advanced aerospace and industrial products, announced on Monday that it has been selected by TACA Airlines for a long-term agreement to be the maintenance provider for the APS2300 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) on TACA's existing fleet of 12 Embraer 190 series aircraft.

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