available landing distance

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available landing distance (ALD)

available landing distance (ALD)
The portion of the runway available for landing and rollout for aircraft cleared for LAHSO (landing and hold-short operation). This distance is measured from the landing threshold to the hold-short point.
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For this procedure, you have sufficient information available to determine the available landing distance.
Sadly, the pilot--understandably stressed by the prop sitting still out there--selected only 10 degrees of flaps and touched halfway down the field at "about 90 knots." Complex math reveals that 1065 feet divided in half leaves 532.5 feet available landing distance. An enterprising fence did its best to slow the Dakota down so it wouldn't be so hard for the trees to stop it.
The Airbus-patented ROPS computes minimum realistic inflight landing and ground stopping distances while comparing them to available landing distances in real time.