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Grass that grows to 4ft. Seeds used to make classic “oatmeal” breakfast porridge. Nourishes and restores the body from illness, nervous conditions, lowers blood sugar because of its fiber content. Strengthens blood vessels, due to silica content, preventing insulin damage. High in soluble fiber, so it lowers cholesterol. Good for reproductive organs. Vitamins A, B complex, C, E, G, K, calcium, chromium, cobalt, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, silicon, tin, and protease inhibitors. Antidepressant, nervine used for spasms, relaxing nerves, reducing inflammation, antioxidant, diuretic, endocrine glands, estrogen deficiency, strengthens bones and other tissues, stabilizes blood sugar levels, anti-viral, anti-tumor (protease inhibitors), antibacterial, lowers blood pressure, thyroid problems, drug withdrawal and hyperactivity, laxative, diuretic. Oatgrass feeds intestinal flora (probiotics). Good for skin problems. The seeds also contain a cancer fighting compound called, "b-sitosterol," a natural remedy to prevent tumor formation. Roasted oat grass seeds can be used as a coffee substitute with less caffeine. Oatmeal added to baths or made into poultices is a folk remedy for dry, itchy skin and eczema.
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In Pakistan, oat (Avena sativa L.) and Egyptian clover (Trifolium alexandrinum L.) are the main winter cereal and clover forage, respectively.
Las semillas utilizadas de trigo (Triticum aestivum) variedad Anahuac y de avena (Avena sativa L.) variedad Cuauhtemoc se limpiaron retirando manualmente y por cribas las impurezas.
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Other herbs that can help with the symptoms of stress are Passiflora, a mild sedative, Avena sativa (oats), which has a calming effect and helps to reduce emotional pressure and instability, and Valerian to help reduce muscle tension and restore restful sleep.
A combination of avena sativa, valerian and passiflora remedies are said to help relax the body into a deep sleep.