average seek time

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average seek time

The mean time it takes to move the head of a disk drive from one track to another, averaged over the source and destination cylinders. Usually measured in milliseconds (ms).

The average seek time gives a good measure of the speed of the drive in a multi-user environment where successive read/write request are largely uncorrelated.

Ten ms is common for a hard disk and 200 ms for an eight-speed CD-ROM.
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With 320GB(1) of storage, the drive's 4,200 rpm speed includes internal transfer rates of up to 976 Mbit/s using an average seek time of 12 milliseconds.
The drives have an average seek time of 15 milliseconds and a data transfer rate of 100MB/sec.
The 98-g component shows an average seek time of 16 ms, interface transfer rate of 1.
The MK2035GSS offers 200GB capacity, two platters, four heads, a 12msec average seek time, a data transfer rate of Serial ATA II 1.
In addition to its rotational speed of 7,200 rpm, the drive features an average seek time of 8.
0 ms average seek time and a 2 MB cache buffer incorporating a high-speed 100 MHz SDRAM memory for high sustained transfer rate.
The largest model in the ZX achieves an average seek time of 5.
The CD-R2x4 is one of the quickest dual-speed CD-R drives, Olympus says, with an average seek time of less than 214 ms.
And they will be able to obtain access to this data in the virtual blink of an eye, with 150 milliseconds average seek time.
2), media transfer rate of 488 Mbps, rotational speed of 4,200 rpm, average seek time of 15 ms, and interface transfer rate of 100 MB/s.
The 7K60 also shows a 20-percent improvement in average seek time (time it takes the read/write arm to arrive at the desired data track).
This process boosts the performance of the array's or server's quad-speed CD-ROM drives, which provides an average seek time of 150 milliseconds, to 30x speed with an average seek time of 10 milliseconds.

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