average sound level

equivalent continuous sound level, average sound level (Leq)

The sound level, expressed in decibels, of a steady sound which has the same A-weighted sound energy as the time-varying sound over the averaging period.
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Not surprisingly, Hilti's electric drill produced the lowest average sound level values of all the drills tested: 101.
The annual average sound level of road traffic noise estimated from the speed-flow diagram.
The study's main focus will be the average noise levels, also known as day-night average sound level contours, produced by aircraft using the base, said Cory Walters, 434th CES biological scientist.
Under the bill to be known as the "Aviation Noise Limit Act," the Air Transportation Office of the Department of Transportation and Communications is directed to develop a medium-term plan to reduce by at least 75 percent the number of individuals residing in residential areas in the vicinity of an airport who are exposed to a yearly day-night average sound level of sixty decibels or above.
A study published yesterday found the average sound level in the city's boozers is 92 decibels, more than the safe level of 85 decibels.
Equivalent noise level is the energy average sound level spriememenej during the measurement interval.
a dose reading where a value of 100% is the maximum allowable exposure to accumulated continuous noise (according to OSHA, a 100% dose occurs for an average sound level of 90 dBA over an 8-hour period);
The average sound level experienced by participants during the almost 2-hour exposure was 100.
The preliminary tests showed an average sound level reduction for operator noise of 1dB(A), with the cab closed and HVAC on.
Most FERC-regulated facilities must comply with the maximum facility sound level contribution of 55 dBA Ldn at all NSAs, which is measured using EPA's day-night energy average sound level.
The FAA regulates noise according to a value called the day-night average sound level, abbreviated as DNL.
Not only do digital soundtracks permit louder effects, but trailers and commercials are often compressed (bringing the average sound level up, grabbing attention), and so audiences frequently complain about the excessive loudness.

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