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number used to represent or characterize a group of numbers. The most common type of average is the arithmetic meanmean,
in statistics, a type of average. The arithmetic mean of a group of numbers is found by dividing their sum by the number of members in the group; e.g., the sum of the seven numbers 4, 5, 6, 9, 13, 14, and 19 is 70 so their mean is 70 divided by 7, or 10.
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. See medianmedian.
1 In statistics, a type of average. In a group of numbers as many numbers of the group are larger than the median as are smaller. In the group 4, 5, 6, 9, 13, 14, 19, the median is 9, three numbers being larger and three smaller.
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; modemode,
in statistics, an infrequently used type of average. In a group of numbers the mode is the number occurring most frequently. In the group 1, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6, 6, 6, 9, 9, the mode is 6 because it occurs four times and the others only once or twice.
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in maritime law. (1) General average—property damage caused intentionally to a ship or its cargo to avoid danger to both or to forestall losses (for instance, the jettison of cargo or of ship provisions to lighten the ship in trying to get off a sandbank). The USSR Trade Navigation Code defines general average as losses suffered as a consequence of intentional and reasonable emergency expenditures and sacrifices to save a ship or its cargo from danger. The losses incurred in the case of general average are distributed proportionally according to the value of the ship, freight, and heavy loads.

(2) Particular average—unintentional damage caused to a ship or its cargo or in connection with their movement; the losses in the case of particular average are borne by those who suffered them or by those who are responsible for having caused them.

In Soviet legislation questions relating to general and particular average are regulated by the USSR Trade Navigation Code. In international trade, relations arising out of general average are regulated by the York-Antwerp Rules (the 1950 edition). These rules are applied only according to an agreement between the parties included in their contract of affreightment.




1. the result obtained by adding the numbers or quantities in a set and dividing the total by the number of members in the set
2. (of a continuously variable ratio, such as speed) the quotient of the differences between the initial and final values of the two quantities that make up the ratio
3. Maritime law
a. a loss incurred or damage suffered by a ship or its cargo at sea
b. the equitable apportionment of such loss among the interested parties
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The reason why overhead of CBF with ACK increases dramatically in network with averagely 15 neighbors for nodes, is the traffic of data transmissions and consequently increasing in waited and delayed ACKs and NACKs that causes more duplications and also more overhead of ACKs' and NACKs' transmissions, themselves.
This research also manifests that averagely 01 owner and 02 salespersons are employed in each retail establishment, in this way approximately one crore (10 million) persons are employed in retail trade in Pakistan, which concludes that every 16th person is involved in retailing in the country, this combination forms a potential retail market of Pakist n by any standard.
For example, in Bulgaria each citizen averagely invests 27 euro in investment funds, in Croatia the average is 400 euro per citizen while in Slovenia as much as 1000 euro per citizen.
He said that according to record of the hospital, averagely, 3666 patients visited the hospital in Morning OPD while the number of Patients come to the hospital in Evening OPD touched the figure of 984.
When the experiment proceeded, the concentration of ammonia released from the sewage sludge mulched with branches increased and averagely amounted to 50 mg/[m.
Researchers found that those with diabetic retinopathy scored averagely lower on most tests when compared to participants without the condition.
The nature of industrial and technological changes will result in greater demand for highly and averagely qualified groups, at the expense of less qualified groups(2)
This would serve the interests of those with close ties to Russia who "want to live in the past", Djankov said, contrasting such interests to the government's will to turn Bulgaria into an averagely wealthy EU nation.
He stars in this great movie about an averagely intelligent man who is frozen and wakes up in a future where the entire human race has gone dumber than ever, meaning he is now the smartest man on the planet.
For instance, workers with better performance will averagely receive year-end bonuses that are 3.
Entrepreneur Peter Jones added: "This is an averagely crap business.