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More recently, he has assisted with the implementation of systems and procedures to facilitate the timely consolidation of the accounts of the Company's wholly-owned off-shore subsidiaries, as the number of such companies has increased over the last 12 months, a reflection of First Point's expanding international search for awaruite, a natural occurring nickel-iron alloy that is potentially a very important economic source of nickel.
Steele, EMS) Elements Arsenic As * (2) Awaruite [Ni.
Occurrence: In "plessite," an intergrowth of taenite and kamacite; other associated minerals are: nickelphosphide, schreibersite, awaruite and graphite.
This former nickel mine is the type locality for heazlewoodite and hellyerite, and the source of many rare minerals, including awaruite, dypingite, retgersite, reevesite, theophrastite and several new, unnamed minerals.
Petterd (1910) described awaruite as silver to grayish white masses occurring in polished ore sections.
Colloform aggregates replacing magnetite, with awaruite, occur.
Ramdohr (1969) considered awaruite to be typically formed in ultrabasic rocks during or following metamorphism, at <200[degrees]C, by reduction of iron in magnetite, possibly by hydrogen released during serpentinization (hydration of olivine to produce serpentine, hydrogen and magnetite).
The alteration of magnetite to andradite, awaruite and heazle-woodite thus indicates the late, probably granite-related, nature of the mineralization, as opposed to the magmatic source proposed by Williams (1958).
Reevesite is rarer and appears to derive from reaction of carbonate-rich waters with nickel and ferric iron released from the oxidation of awaruite and pentlandite.
Native Elements Halides, Oxides & Hydroxides Awaruite Atacamite * Unnamed Bi-Ni-Fe-Pt alloy + Brucite * Unnamed Au-Cu alloy + Magnetite Theophrastite Sulfides Covellite * Arsenates, Sulfates Digenite * Annabergite + Heazlewoodite Retgersite * Millerite Unnamed nickel iron sulphate + Molybdenite * Pentlandite Polydymite * Carbonates Pyrite + Dypingite * Pyrrhotite * Gaspeite * Violarite + Hellyerite Magnesite + Otwayite + Pyroaurite * Reevesite * Zaratite Native Elements Silicates Awaruite Andradite Unnamed Bi-Ni-Fe-Pt alloy + Antigorite Unnamed Au-Cu alloy + Chrysotile Clinochlore Sulfides Diopside * Covellite * Enstatite + Digneite * Glossular + Heazlewoodite Lizardite Millerite Opal Molybdenite * Palygorskite * Pentlandite Pecoraite * Polydymite * Stevensite (or Saponite?
Associated minerals are: "iridosmine," "rutheniridium," laurite, tulameenite, awaruite, iron, copper, zinc, oregonite, pentlandite and other sulfides.