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or Axel
, c.1128–1201, Danish churchman, archbishop of Lund (1178–1201). He had great influence on political affairs under Waldemar I and Canute VI, warred against the pagan Wends, and in 1184 won a naval victory over Bogislav, duke of Pomerania.
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GANGNEUNG, South Korea -- All of Mirai Nagasu's life had been building to this moment, toward attempting the triple axel in her final Olympic skate -- the one that could vault her into the top 10 and keep her there for good.
Then, within seconds of starting her long program, she stepped through the axel, and explained later she hit a rut.
18 Ton weight was allowed for two axels and 24 Ton for triple
A single axel truck was allowed 12 Ton load, double axels
A single axel truck was allowed 12 Ton load, double axels 13.5 Ton, triple axel 27.5 Ton, four axels 37.5 Ton, five axels 47.5 Ton and six axels 57.5 Ton weight.
SARGODHA -- The district regional transport authority (DRTA) claimed on Monday to have impounded 32 vehicles for violating load axel management.
The district government has already conducted a meeting with all stake holders including transport association, stone crushing associations, lease holders and Mines department for ensuring axels load management.
The district government has allowed 12 ton load in single axels tractor trolley and in case of violation Rs 1000 to Rs 7000 fine had been fixed, while 18 ton weight was allowed for two axels and 24 ton for triple axels.
Asada, the only female skater who regularly attempts the triple axel in competition, said she would try the high-scoring but difficult 3.5-revolution jump twice in Sochi -- one in the short programme and one in the long, free-skate.
The design is a rib reinforced 1.9" diameter by 1.125" wide wheel with an axel of 5/16th.
The steel axel is a proprietary designed unit that is infused with a high temp coating which enhances flowability and lubricity of the FreeWheeler[TM] wheel.
The wheel's design is a 1.9" diameter by 1.125" rib reinforced with an axel of 5/16th.