axial force

axial load, axial force

The resultant longitudinal internal component of force which acts perpendicular to the cross section of a structural member and at its centroid, producing uniform stress.
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The made calculations have revealed that bending moments in a member can appear due to the nonuniform charring of a cross-section and can be increased by the eccentric action of axial force.
Physically this explained by the fact that as a result of this offset, the moment from the transversal force, is partially, or completely compensated by the moment from the axial force acting on an arm equal to the offset value.
Although the axial force and internal pressure are constant along the fiber, the velocity and radius profiles are to be determined by the equations, and therefore the stresses as a function of location (x, r) are unknowns to be solved.
on the distribution of axial force and bending moments in RHS lattice
The Model C, with bores from 30 to 100 nun, for use when transmitted torque and axial force, as well as a stiff torsional design, are required.
In tool holder collets, the axial force may be applied by different means but the principle is the same.
When the motor is switched on, an axial force is created as a result of the electro-magnetic field and the characteristic air gap between the cone-shaped rotor and stator.
Axial force is also applied by the load frame actuator.
3 shows the axial force distribution curves for piles #1, #2, and #3 under each level of loading.
The objective of the present paper emphasizes the features of the development of comprehensive mathematical models for correlating the interactive and higher-order influences of the various FSW parameters such as the tool rotation speed, welding speed; axial force and different % wt.
It is supposed that the permissible axial force reaches 70% of the radial load unused.