axle pulley

sash pulley, axle pulley

sash pulley
In a double-hung window, a pulley mortised into the side of the frame near the top; the sash cord or sash chain passes over this pulley to the counterweight.
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Tenders are invited for Neoprene Rubber Pad For Axle Pulley Of Size 240 X210 X18 Mm Of Black Colour Shore Hardness 65 Plus/Minus 5 To Icf Drg.
Tenders are invited for Deep V Grooved Axle Pulley For 4.
4 Axle Pulley 572 Mm Pcd To Suit The Alternator Pulley With Rubber Pad: 1 Set 5 Safety Chain: 2 Nos.
Tenders are invited for V- Deep Groove Axle Pulley 16.