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In Madagascar, legend says that you will die if an aye-aye points its bony third finger in your direction.
The aye-aye is attracted to villages to eat sugar cane and coconuts, so it's like the skunk in the henhouse and killed as vermin," says Simons.
Sterling put radio collars on several aye-ayes and followed their signals.
Sterling even got a better idea of the overall numbers of aye-ayes in Madagascar.
The aye-aye, a species of lemur, is the largest nocturnal primate in the world and is found in dense tropical forest on the island of Madagascar.
Kintana, which means 'star' in Malagasy, is only the second aye-aye to be hand-reared in the world and currently demands around-the-clock attention from his keepers at the zoo.
Mamy is a 14-year-old aye-aye, a primitive primate from Madagascar, who joined the famous zoo two weeks ago.
The nocturnal creatures take their name from the eerie aye-aye sound they make at night - which led to ancient stories that they were ghosts.
It's a baby aye-aye -- the first member of this endangered primate species born in the Western Hemisphere.
4 Suppose an aye-aye were to tap on a tree branch in search of a meaty meal.