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see metabolitemetabolite,
organic compound that is a starting material in, an intermediate in, or an end product of metabolism. Starting materials are substances, usually small and of simple structure, absorbed by the organism as food. These include the vitamins and essential amino acids.
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"Among non-biologic systemic agents, cyclosporine and methotrexate appear to have better safety profiles than mycophenolate, azathioprine, and systemic prednisone with regard to serious infections," they concluded.
Azathioprine was started at a median of 1 month (0-12 months) and prescribed as part of remission induction in 5 cases (10.4%, 2 left-sided, 3 pancolitis), while it was started after for maintenance (n=43).
CNV in eyes with SO has been observed to resolve spontaneously (2,3) and to respond to immunosuppressive agents (cyclosporine and azathioprine), (4,7) photodynamic therapy, (6) thermal laser, (5) and intravitreal bevacizumab injection.
Azathioprine hypersensitivity presenting as cardiogenic shock and Sweet's syndrome in a patient with microscopic polyangiitis.
Persistence of HEV has not been reported among patients receiving infliximab or azathioprine. However, HEV persistence was reported in a patient receiving azathioprine combined with oral steroids (6) and in a pig model of HEV chronicity under combined cyclosporine/azathioprine/ methylprednisolone (7).
He was started on prednisone 40 mg daily and pyridostigmine 120 mg four times daily, two and a half months prior to admission, and azathioprine 150 mg daily, 10 days prior to admission.
Sutherland, "Azathioprine or 6-mercaptopurine for induction of remission in Crohn's disease," Cochrane Database of Systematic Review, vol.
Azathioprine was initiated with infliximab, at the beginning of therapy to prevent antibody formation to the anti-TNF.
Immunosuppressant therapy comprised cyclosporine, azathioprine and prednisolone.
His past medical history was significant for SLE with Class II lupus glomerulonephritis and chronic lupus interstitial nephritis for which he was being treated with azathioprine and hydroxychloroquine.
The objective of this study was to evaluate immunosuppressive therapy with high-dose cyclosporine, high-dose azathioprine, and a combination of low-dose cyclosporine and azathioprine after tracheal reconstruction using a native trachea-mimetic graft of polycaprolactone (PCL) bellows-type scaffold in a rabbit model.