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1. On drawings, abbr. for blueprint.
2. On drawings, abbr. for baseplate.
3. On drawings, abbr. for bearing pile.
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baseband processor

A chip in a smartphone or tablet that handles the cellular transmission. The baseband processor converts the data to a signal that can be used to modulate the carrier frequency for transmission and vice versa. That signal is handed off to the RF processor, which may also be part of the baseband chip. See baseband, Passive Wi-Fi and C-RAN.

Baseband Processor in a Tablet
The baseband circuitry in a 3G/4G tablet comprises about 5% of the total components. Without it, there would be no cellular connectivity.
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In contrast to B.P., the party Pushpalal had helped found may in later years be classed as a movement since it saw numerous splinters and segments in his very lifetime.
During the day growth of quotes formed about 40a50 b.p., yield reduced down to 10 b.p.
The B.P. must be well-organized to enable everyone to get their work done and stay busy during the allotted time.
The rub is that B.P. has determined that the rate of financial return at Lima is not high enough--that the investment it makes in Lima could produce even more if used differently.
At the time of B.P.'s death in 1982, the Cold War was in post-detente flux.
Single purchases occurred on the issues Vimpelcoma21, a22 (45 b.p.), Severstala17 ( b.p.), RSHBa16 ( b.p.) the sovereign curve remained with almost no change.
Yield of UST5 dropped 4 b.p. to 0.61%, UST10 Co6 b.p.
The rate of UST5 upped 2 b.p. to 0.61%, UST10 Co by 2 b.p.
In the corporate segment, the price growth formed 10a20 b.p. average.
Yield of German bonds grew 3a5 b.p. while the Italian bonds lowered 8 b.p.
Buying went in Spain's bonds in the first half of the day and yield reduced 15CE20 b.p. Italian curve slipped 2CE5 b.p., German curve Co grew 2 b.p.
Yield of Spain's bonds lost 25 b.p. overnight at the middleCEterm part and that gives the European leaders some extra time for dialog.