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1. the university degree of Bachelor or Arts, Bachelor of Science, etc.
2. an internationally recognized programme of study, comprising different subjects, offered as an alternative to a course of A levels in Britain
3. US a farewell sermon delivered at the commencement ceremonies in many colleges and universities



in many countries, the first academic degree. In the medieval universities of Western Europe, it was granted to students upon completion of the first stage of education. In Russia at one time, teachers in ecclesiastic schools were called baccalaureates; at the end of the 18th century, graduates of the Teachers’ Institute of Moscow University received this degree. The baccalaureate, within contemporary systems of academic titles and degrees of many foreign countries, including Great Britain and the USA, is granted to graduates of universities and other higher educational institutions after they have passed special examinations, and sometimes, upon defense of a dissertation abstract. As a rule, the baccalaureate is equivalent to the diploma received by graduates of four-year Soviet higher educational institutions upon passing state examinations. In France, since 1808, the baccalaureate certifies completion of secondary education and gives the right to university admission.

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Katherine Boswell, executive director of the Center for Community College Policy at the Education Commission of the States in Denver, says that there is a genuine need for more applied baccalaureate degrees and more access generally to baccalaureate education.
We have a distinct mission, and when we take on the baccalaureate mission in addition to the community college mission, that university tends to take over, no matter how committed an institution is to maintaining an open door.
Providing baccalaureate degrees in areas where access to them is limited or nonexistent sends a critical message about the importance of providing higher educational opportunities to all Americans.
In recent years, an increasing number of community colleges have stepped in to fill that void by developing four-year baccalaureate programs.
Oakmont Regional High School in Ashburnham has traditionally held its pre-graduation ceremony, a baccalaureate, in one of four rotating churches --St.
Mr Sinnott said: "We could in the long term see Baccalaureate for the elite universities and then the specialist diploma (for the rest).
The baccalaureates at Miami Dade did not take money away from the rest of the college, says Hernandez Hendrix.
noted that 19th century colleges transformed from limited-degree institutions to ones offering a vast array of baccalaureates.
For those of us who have labored long in the vineyards of the community-college baccalaureate development, the 2004 Community College Baccalaureate Association Conference in San Francisco represented a bittersweet learning experience.
Institutions such as Great Basin in Nevada and Dixie in Utah, with their freestanding baccalaureates, attest to the strong student following and employer value of the community college brand baccalaureate.
In early February, about ten minutes down the road from Disney World in Orlando, scores of community college presidents and provosts met to form a new kind of collegial collaboration which signals a significant change for the landscape of American higher education: The Community College Baccalaureate Association (CCBA).

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