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, in Greek and Roman religion and mythology, female devotees of Dionysus. They roamed mountains and forests, adorned with ivy and skins of animals, waving the thyrsus.
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There a foursquare Bacchant toasted his Ganymede with a full wine glass, there a second one cuddled against his boy with the warmest feelings of delight; here on the other hand a loose lad played with the belt of his Zeus, and there a victor disappeared with his Thracian booty.
Chapter three continues the display of remarkable images, most particularly of doubling, although the rhapsody of the author's experience with photographs of Clementina and Florence (suffice it to say that "sweet, bacchant lips," "tickling tongue" and "flaring nostrils" all play a part) is likely to leave the reader with something closer to laughter than desire.
In addition, the "maenad, bacchant, or fury does not exist alone but always belongs to a cultural configuration which includes the mother as its other half and which also includes the feminization of men" (Shires 148).
II (Manchester: Manchester University Press 1921), 241, the adjectives pofiipav ('of fear') and ftccvixtfv ('[of] frenzy'), which are attributed to [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ('internal motion') (791 A), correlate to the sleeplessness of the infants and to the Bacchic frenzy: 'The children it puts to sleep; the Bacchants, who are awake, it brings into a sound state of mind instead of a frenzied condition ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 791 A7-791 B2).
In a move reminiscent of the Bacchants descending on Pentheus, the villagers emerge from the alleys like scavengers circling for carrion.