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, in Greek and Roman religion and mythology, female devotees of Dionysus. They roamed mountains and forests, adorned with ivy and skins of animals, waving the thyrsus.
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13) The opening anarchic revelry by leering Cyclops and "Naiads, like Bacchantes," in "Wine of Cyprus" captures some of these contradictions: possibly because the Bacchae--among the Greek works EBB read with Boyd in 1831-1832--was on her mind again in 1842, given a "newly discovered scene" from the play (BC 5: 256, 284-285, 290).
He's particularly proud of the Lalique Bacchantes series, vases depicting high priestesses in Greek mythology.
I was enchanted by what I read - particularly by this detail, reported by a sober German savant: that in the suburbs of Colombo there exists, amid fairy gardens by the sea, a marvelous villa bungalow, as they say, in which a rich and eccentric Englishman maintains a sort of harem where all races of India, from the black Tamoules to the sinuous bayaderes [graceful dancers] of Lahore, and the demoniac bacchantes [devilish nudes] of Benares, are represented by perfect specimens of femininity.
At the September 23 performance, Markovici brought quiet intensity to the title role, and Savannah Lowery, as the leader of the bacchantes, breathed life into the death scene with her sharp kicks.
Scholars have related the murder of Torrellas variously to the defense of women against their literary detractors, (1) the mythical slaying of Orpheus and Pentheus by the Bacchantes, (2) the Last Supper and Christian martyrdom in malo, (3) the unresolved tension between social norms and the human instinct for violence, (4) the carnivalesque subversion of misogyny and patriarchal authority, (5) male anxiety about female aggression and domination, (6) ritual catharsis and the restoration of the patriarchal social order, (7) the struggle for power symbolized by female cannibalism, (8) and the tradition of the monstrous woman.
Indeed, Bricault hedges her bets so forcefully here that one is left wondering why she needed--or bothered--to go there in the first place: "la reduction de la troupe des bacchantes a la seule figure de la carmelite solitaire semble inquietante.
vede" les Bacchantes des banlieues che sanglotent, mentre la lune brule et hurle e Venus entre dans les cavernes desforgerons et des ermites; la reconnaissance est impossible: nel quartiere commerciale non si aprono botteghe, mais la neige de la chaussee est ecrasee; l'Acropoli ufficiale supera les conceptions de la barbarie moderne les plus colossales ed e anche impossible d'exprimer le jour mat produit par ce ciel immuablement gris: e lo scenario babilonico della citta moderna a irritare e insieme ad affascinare l'immaginario del poeta, che tuttavia le riserva ironia e sarcasmo (2).
A sculptor of nymphs and Bacchantes Omitted the coaties and panties.
on the miracles in nature induced by revelling Bacchantes (22.
Men dressed as satyrs and silens, while women took on the roles of Nikes and bacchantes.
Along with satyrs, bacchantes, and maenads, centaurs are mythological figures associated with the orgiastic celebrations of Dionysus.
85) Sustris filled the remaining border spaces with elegant grotesques and tiny figures of bacchantes dancing on framed blue grounds.