bachelor's button

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bachelor's button,

popular name for several plants usually characterized by rounded clusters of flowers, such as the cornflowercornflower,
common herb (Centaurea cyanus) of the family Asteraceae (aster family). It is a garden flower in the United States but a weed in the grainfields of Europe.
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 and globe amaranthamaranth
[Gr.,=unfading], common name for the Amaranthaceae (also commonly known as the pigweed family), a family of herbs, trees, and vines of warm regions, especially in the Americas and Africa.
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bachelor’s button

celibacy symbol. [Flower Symbolism: Jobes, 171]
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These include bachelor's buttons, calendulas, nasturtiums (and their leaves), and marigolds.
Now that I have a plan and a framework that I can work with, I'm feeling much better about my chances of having something other than a few scraggly bachelor's buttons gracing my garden this season.
Annuals such as bachelor's buttons, calendula, annual candytuft, dianthus, larkspur, linaria, lobelia, pansy, annual phlox, petunias, snapdragon, stock, sweet alyssum, sweet pea, sweet william and violas are some of the more common frost-resistant annuals.
* Bachelor's Buttons, which were I believe a kind of aster *;
Gerbera daisies, bachelor's buttons and rain lilies provide color; flowering shrubs and rose bushes contribute beauty and fragrance; and milkweed, Mexican petunia and red salvia attract butterflies.
But while blue bachelor's buttons also turned white in the jar, they became dark pink, not blue, when she dipped them in acid.
In mild-winter areas, spring-blooming annuals such as agrostemma, bachelor's buttons, love-in-a-mist, poppies, and sweet peas can be planted this month from seeds or starts; they'll grow throughout the winter and produce a show in spring.
Daily, children offered fresh flowers, usually bunched together calachuchi, adelfa, bachelor's buttons, even cadena de amor, on the altar.
Teaming up a flower with a cover crop plant is always fun, whether you're planting sulphur cosmos with cowpeas in summer, oats with dwarf sunflowers in late summer or bachelor's buttons with crimson clover in the fall.
Lobelias, carnations, forget-me-nots, pansies, bachelor's buttons, and calendulas do best when the weather is cool.
The choices in flowers were bachelor's buttons, alyssum, calendula, marigolds, zinnias, holly hocks, asters and more.

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