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a. a person who holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science, etc
b. the degree itself
2. (in the Middle Ages) a young knight serving a great noble
3. bachelor seal a young male seal, esp a fur seal, that has not yet mated

What does it mean when you dream about a bachelor?

Bachelors can represent being alone; the feeling of loneliness. Could indicate a desire for freedom, particularly if the dreamer is married.

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In a bid to cheer him up the men make a pledge to bachelorhood.
Gabrielle is NOT a love interest; Gabrielle is a 4-month-old golden retriever I bought for a lady friend--who is also not a love interest, though I suspect she's still plotting her assault on my bachelorhood. When I met her, she owned a couple golden retriever pups, but a cougar swiped them off her back porch without leaving a ransom note.
Aweek of temporary bachelorhood (it ends tomorrow when she returns from holiday), a period reacquainting oneself with the concept of solitude.
The Stephen Sondheim musical "Company" focuses on the ups and downs of love, marriage and bachelorhood.
A hoard of misunderstandings roll into one huge snowball, and Celal, with the propaganda of his cronies, decides to dump Ceren for a life of liberated bachelorhood. Little does he know that an overgrown Neanderthal like him is lucky to have been with this woman in the first place.
Without referring to the RSS culture of imposed bachelorhood, she added: " How do they become an authority on women's life?"
Shauna Lo's and Laura Wai Ng's "Beyond Bachelorhood: Chinese American Interracial Marriage in Massachusetts during the Exclusion Era" challenges the bachelor society stereotype of nineteenth-century Chinese Americans and finds that interracial unions were quite common among Chinese Americans on the East Coast.
He also catches the eye of the fetching Mary Todd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) but temporarily spurns her affections; after all, the lowly vampire hunter is doomed to a lonely life of self-imposed bachelorhood, not unlike Spider-Man or James Buchanan.
The lads lived it up in Las Vegas during an eight-day bachelorhood bash.
It isn't long before he's enjoying bachelorhood but eventually he realises he still loves Emily and wishes he could go back.
For four long days I have been thrust into bachelorhood, while my wife, and female friends, are being pampered in Palma.
Given the conservative nature of Arab society, forced bachelorhood not only generates great frustration but also has the effect of marginalising an individual.