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Polecat 4: Everyone lines up as before, but the fullback now runs an eight-yard curl over the ball, the RSB runs a five-yard out, the SE runs a six-yard slant across the back of the end zone, and the LSB runs a fade route.
The best single-joint exercise for this muscle (located on back of the upper arm) is a triceps extension.
Breaks in back of the bag on line with the catcher's throw to the pitcher, as a back-up man.
Though the early part of the throw is thought of as mere preparation for the all-important delivery phase, most young throwers have problems in the starting position in back of the ring.
The athlete can set up at the back of the ring in one of two ways.
No matter where he aligns, the thrower should begin by sitting low at the back of the circle, facing 180 degrees away from the shoulders, very similar to the foot position in the squat lift.
To facilitate the turn, the thrower can move his left foot about two or three inches in back of the right foot.
The left leg's positioning will prepare the athlete to drive out of the back of the ring.
Another common mistake in the back of the ring is starting the turn out of the back with the upper body instead of with a systematic body movement.
The right leg is kept low to the ground and performs a soccer kick out of the back of the ring.
Remember, the discus is a circular event with a sweep motion out of the back of the ring.
Two ST's are making near and far post runs, respectively; the left OM is covering the back of the penalty box; the AM is supporting the player with the ball at the top of the box; and both the DM and STP are covering space beyond the box (Zone A).