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ProfitWatch has been a leading call tracking and bill back solution for the hospitality industry for two decades.
The app enhances Temenos' front to back solution for the treasury function of the bank.
OpSuite also connects to your accounting and ERP solutions to complete the front to back solution.
Tele2 has once again opted for the ECT Ring Back solution," comments Victor del Razo, Product Manager Ring Back Applications at ECT.
By integrating our proprietary front end trading technology with FlexTrade's back office OMS technology, we now have a state-of-the-art front to back solution to help service our clients," said Amit Chatterjee, Managing Director and CIO of Weeden & Co.
Emirates Bank already uses the Reuters Treasury front to back solution Kondor+ and Kondor Trade Processing and is in the final stages of rolling out the Kondor interest rate and liquidity risk module.
The new Reference Flow is a complete front to back solution, including RTL and gate-level simulation and equivalence checking.
75% of North American firms say fears over voice over IP security have not or will not hold back solution rollout.
Going forward, two things will be critical: investing in micro-crops like algae that are more productive and do not jeopardize our food and water supplies, and making sure we back solutions that are commercially viable today and sustainable over the long term," said Dr.
ECT is also specialized in replacing defunct ring back solutions and migrating customer data and content.
There is no quick fix solution to this cumulating effect but power back solutions provide some relief.