back up

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back up

Computing a file or set of files copied for security purposes
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(1) A copy of data and software on external storage. "Backup," one word, is the noun; to "back up," two words, is the verb. See backup software, backup types, backup storage, copy data, backup and restore, disaster recovery and LAN-free backup.

(2) Additional hardware resources ready to take over if the main system fails. See fault tolerant.
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Back Up's annual Snowdon Push saw each team consist of one wheelchairuser and up to 16 team-mates.
The 21-year-old discovered Back Up in 2013 when two of her closest friends were told they might never walk again as a result of severe accidents.
Microsoft Corporation ( NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced it latest plans for Azure Backup and Azure site recovery which will see more features for recovery and back up for enterprise, public and private cloud networks.
Households that Back-Up Digital Camera Images Beyond Storing Them on the Hard Drive Back up all images 39% Back up some images 25% Do not back up 36% Base: U.S.
Some organisations may invest in systems that automatically back up the contents of those when they connect to the network, but this is far from the norm.
So, instead of daily back- ups, you might back up every 4 or 6 hours, creating a smaller window of potential loss.
Three provide battery back up while all five also offer surge protection.
I also back up D on the XP system to E and burn my back-up CDs from it.
However, only 61% back up daily an only 30% performed back-ups automatically.