gypsum backerboard

A gypsum board used as a base on which to adhere tile or gypsum wall-board; similar to, but less smooth than, wall-board; is surfaced with a grayish paper.
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Leading Market Position: James Hardie is a world leader in manufacturing fiber cement siding and backerboard. Based on net sales, the company believes it is the largest manufacturer of fiber cement products and systems for internal and external building construction applications in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.
I searched all over the backerboard for a flier, but it just wasn't there.
Exterior fiber cement products have seen increasing use in the nonresidential market in recent years, particularly in the form of fiber cement backerboard products.
Water will pass through tile grout; therefore, a water-resistive barrier behind the tile that drains into the shower pan is an important feature, unless specifically recommended to the contrary by the backerboard manufacturer.
When installing tile over sub flooring, it's a good idea to use a rigid backerboard for a firm base.
And his company's literature specifies that islands holding cooking appliances should be built out of noncombustible masonry materials, or a steel frame and concrete backerboard clad in masonry or stucco.
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market leader of fiber-cement siding and backerboard, James Hardie (BBB-/Stable).
DeltaWarm cable can be directly installed on plywood, concrete, or backerboard and covered with mortar.
Underneath the shower floor lie the elements required for this look: properly installed curbs, a center area that slopes to a drain, poured mortar beds or concrete backerboard, and hot-mopped sealant, which partially extends up the side walls so water can't seep into the framing or sub-flooring.
So that the house would last a long time, Thompson says, "I wanted to use the most rotproof materials I could find." For the walls, he chose 1/2-inch cement backerboard, instead of plywood, and, for the floor, concrete patio blocks.