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, summersault
a. a forward roll in which the head is placed on the ground and the trunk and legs are turned over it
b. a similar roll in a backward direction
2. an acrobatic feat in which either of these rolls are performed in midair, as in diving or gymnastics
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a circus stunt and one of the most common elements of floor acrobatics and gymnastics. A somersault is a jump in which the heels are turned over the head as the body rotates in the air; it is executed without support. There are forward, backward, and side somersaults. Somersaults may also be classified as single or double.

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To stay winning, you have to stick with the competition and get better, innovate and the backflips is one of those tricks.
The program they developed then solved all the torques that needed to be applied to each joint, from each individual motor, and at every time period between start and end, in order to carry out the backflip.
But before long they began to wonder whether the robot could take on even higher-impact manoeuvres, and set about programming the mini cheetah to perform a backflip.
Spent my morning watching @travispastrana break a world record by doing a 75-foot wide backflip for the launch of our @nitrocircus tour!
Quitongo said: "My mum and dad have been giving me a wee bit about the backflip. Now I'd call it the Conor McGregor walk!" A brilliant run from Quitongo set up the opener for Ross Forbes after 16 minutes and he rattled a superb shot in off the bar four minutes later but Queens hitman Derek Lyle reduced the deficit within a minute.
He said the clown had been doing the backflip stunt for more than 10 years without any accidents.
Four years later, he went one better with the world's first double backflip.
He said: "For everyone who has seen the video of myself doing a backflip on the Foryd Harbour Bridge, this is in no way a dare or challenge for other people to go out and try and replicate this or other activities similar to this.
Abudi performs an acrobatic backflip. Photo: Jumana El Heloueh
In spite of her back injury, Smith decided to celebrate in an unusual way for a weightlifter - by doing a backflip on the mat.
Hasbro is aiming to keep up with the times, having recently spent $112 million for 70 percent of the mobile game company Backflip Studios.