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, summersault
a. a forward roll in which the head is placed on the ground and the trunk and legs are turned over it
b. a similar roll in a backward direction
2. an acrobatic feat in which either of these rolls are performed in midair, as in diving or gymnastics



a circus stunt and one of the most common elements of floor acrobatics and gymnastics. A somersault is a jump in which the heels are turned over the head as the body rotates in the air; it is executed without support. There are forward, backward, and side somersaults. Somersaults may also be classified as single or double.

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He said, 'You are lifting on my birthday so I expect a backflip from you as a way of saying happy birthday'.
There's not one job when I haven't been asked to do backflips.
BackFlip is Midaire's entry into modern “IP” telephony, which brings a business' telephone service in over their Internet.
As part of Hasbro, Backflip will keep developing own intellectual property, while also creating mobile games featuring Hasbro brands, the buyer said.
9 July 2013 - US children's and family leisure time products company Hasbro Inc (NASDAQ:HAS) said it had acquired a 70% interest in domestic mobile game studio Backflip Studios Inc for USD112m (EUR86.
That's right, he pulled off a double backflip in a contraption with the aerodynamics of a pregnant killer whale.
Large crowds cheered on the motorcyclists and the dramatic backflip was streamed live to more than 500 cinemas across Europe.
The Phoenix has housed a number of popular venues over the years (Doell designed a previous incarnation, Backflip, in the '90s), so an immersive transformation was crucial to revitalizing the space.
The newly devised show includes Russian circus queen Yana Alievia on a revolving aerial chandelier; the breathtaking Stalkions (three men and two girls who walk, backflip and perform pyramids 30ft in the air); the Whirlwind Rubsovsm troupe and the high-flying bouncing bamboo bravados of The Perushkins.
Prior to the docking, Atlantis did a backflip to enable station crew members to take and send photos to mission control for experts on the ground to look for any damage to the shuttle, NASA said.
JJ Juilfs' back looked just fine as he cleared 17 feet, 2 3/4 inches in the pole vault and then jumped up in the pit for a backflip and a fist pump.
The Switchblade Backflip he performed on his way to gold is described in dirt-bike freestyle circles as the rider positioning feet to the right and left of the handlebars and then rotating backward to a full rotation.