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At each position, inside the control population (n = 29), we computed the sum of SNV background counts ([E0.sub.SNV]), the sum of INDEL background counts ([E0.sub.indel]), and the sum of the individual reads (N0).
The gamma-ray data is somewhat correlated (not as much as we would have hoped) and is presently being used to reject data where the background count rate shows significant changes during the course of a run.
Unfortunately, as discussed later, there are several sources that can produce background counts in this same energy region.
Since the background count rate is in the order of only a few [ms.sup.-1], and since the "wrong" spin state drains within seconds from the storage volume, we detect a clear signal from the depolarized neutrons.
Typically, automated hematology analyzers are not used for clear and colorless cerebrospinal fluids with low cellular counts because of poor reproducibility and high background counts at medically important clinical decision limits of 0 to 5 cell/[micro]L for adults.
More Evidence for the Hard Work Hypothesis: Background Counts When SES Is Controlled
For the most part, football is a diverse and brilliant discipline where skin colour, ethnicity and background counts for little.
Parry moved into management after spending 20 years as Rovers' physiotherapist and some fans have argued this lack of a professional playing background counts against him.
There was a Party policy frequently quoted in the newspapers: Family background counts, but not absolutely.
Because the study population was presumed fertile, a small decrease in sperm count might not be detectable against high background counts, and could explain the null results reported by the authors.
But if background counts for anything, he will be no pushover.

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