backup software

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backup software

(tool, software)
Software for doing a backup, often included as part of the operating system.

Backup software should provide ways to specify what files get backed up and to where. It may include its own scheduling function to automate the procedure or, preferably, work with generic scheduling facilities. It may include facilities for managing the backup media (e.g. maintaining an index of tapes) and for restoring files from backups.

Examples are Unix's dump command and Windows's ntbackup.

backup software

Software that copies data from a single machine or from selected computers in a network to a storage medium. At periodic intervals, a backup of the entire hard drive or of selected files and folders can be performed. Backup programs can also be set up to back up files automatically right after they have been updated and saved.

When the Hard Disk Crashes
Company and personal data are the most valuable information to back up. However, if only data are backed up, the OS and applications have to be re-installed, which can be time consuming and costly, not to mention aggravating. The method often recommended is to back up the entire system, including OS and applications. After a disk crash, everything can be restored to the replacement hard drive, and users can resume from that backup point. See backup storage, backup types, backup server, HSM, data recovery and active archiving.

Built In
Rebit, Inc. ( offers software that performs a variety of backup tasks and also sells disks with the software pre-installed. This 500GB drive saved the author of this encyclopedia a ton of installation woes. No more than three days after making a full backup on this unit, the computer's hard disk failed completely. When the drive was replaced, the Rebit "frog" restored the entire system perfectly.
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In order to achieve this goal, Spare Backup will work with new and existing partners to bundle its Spare Switch and Spare Backup software with external products and will continue to expand its reseller channels by establishing agreements with various ISPs, resellers and hardware manufacturers.
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In this age of loss-leader backup software and service companies RBS is very proud to make some truly fresh innovations in the levels of service enabled by our products and licensees," commented Tommy Gardner, RBS' Director of Sales and Marketing.
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Traditional tape backup software has been designed for file backup and recovery.
Notes users now can choose backup systems engineered especially for their environments with the first backup software certified by Lotus as Notes-Compatible.
Dell has referred to the Yosemite Backup software as being designed specifically for the PowerVault RD1000 while providing easy installation, management and basic backup and restore for a single server or workstation.