backup storage

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backup storage

A storage device used to hold copies of data for backup and recovery. In large enterprises, magnetic tape libraries and magnetic disks are used for backup (see tape library and D2D). Optical technologies have also been used (see magneto-optic disk and WORM).

Consumer Storage
For consumers, USB drives and external magnetic disk drives are common backup devices. Write-once and rewritable optical media such as CDs and DVDs were popular at the turn of the century, but their usage has diminished. Also infrequently used are Zip disks and other removable disks that came out in the same time frame (see magnetic disk). In the 1980s, the early days of personal computers, backup was not a priority among users; however, magnetic tapes were occasionally used (see QIC). See LAN-free backup.

Backup Locations
Myriad backup services on the Internet are available for both enterprises and consumers (see cloud storage).

The most secure local backup is on a removable medium, such as a USB drive, an external hard drive or on a drive in another computer. Backup files are also maintained on a second internal drive in the same computer, and sometimes, even on the same drive in a different folder, the latter providing the weakest protection. See backup types.
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High-Rely RAIDFrame server backup appliances incorporate our highly-removable RAIDPac drives, which allows users to easily pull and rotate the backup storage for retention.
The new high performance Dell DR4100 disk backup appliance can help customers reduce the amount of necessary backup storage capacity -- by up to 15 times-- with Dell's built-in data deduplication and compression technologies.
They have also has done away with tiered pricing for backup storage and reduced the overall cost by more than 70 percent in many cases for its monthly storage charges.
Ron Ryan, vice president of data storage tape business, will head the worldwide backup storage business.
Dell disk backup solution with deduplication and compression helps customers keep pace with data growth, reducing backup storage capacity requirements by up to 15 times
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To limit risks associated with mobile media, set up a tiered approach to mobile backup storage where the most critical data marked for removal (generally data required for business continuity or regulatory compliance) is stored on the most secure media, under the most secure conditions--and shipped securely as well.
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While the SC-1000 provides a compression ratio typically from 2:1 to 4:1 with the majority of databases and email files (actual compression varies based on file contents), increasing the effective capacity of the backup storage by a factor of two to four, it also delivers secure data encryption utilizing AES-128 or AES-256 encryption algorithms.
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The suite includes contingency planning and backup storage to archive data at an off-site location; a telecommunications center; Internet services including web, e-mail and FTP hosting; temporary office space; remote access and other computer services.