backup storage

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backup storage

A storage device used to hold copies of data for backup and recovery. In large enterprises, magnetic tape libraries and magnetic disks are used for backup (see tape library and D2D). Optical technologies have also been used (see magneto-optic disk and WORM).

Consumer Storage
For consumers, USB drives and external magnetic disk drives are common backup devices. Write-once and rewritable optical media such as CDs and DVDs were popular at the turn of the century, but their usage has diminished. Also infrequently used are Zip disks and other removable disks that came out in the same time frame (see magnetic disk). In the 1980s, the early days of personal computers, backup was not a priority among users; however, magnetic tapes were occasionally used (see QIC). See LAN-free backup.

Backup Locations
Myriad backup services on the Internet are available for both enterprises and consumers (see cloud storage).

The most secure local backup is on a removable medium, such as a USB drive, an external hard drive or on a drive in another computer. Backup files are also maintained on a second internal drive in the same computer, and sometimes, even on the same drive in a different folder, the latter providing the weakest protection. See backup types.
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"ExaGrid's technology for the backup storage market is revolutionary, particularly in addressing urgent customer needs for faster backups and faster ingest rates, restores, and VM boots," said Jaffrey.
Have offline storage as part of the availability strategy: One of the best defences against propagation of ransomware encryption to the backup storage is to maintain offline storage.
As an add-on, Acronis True Image 500GB cloud backup storage will be free for all users.
A Dropbox account can serve as an excellent online backup storage for local data from a typical computer.
While most MacBooks and the like have flexible storage space, depending on the type of files you store in them, it remains that like PCs that one would need reliable backup storage. Like traditional portable HDDs, you can use this as additional storage for rarely used or even confidential files.
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The tapeless infrastructure allows Bapco to improve backup storage utilisation, drive backup and recovery performance while achieving significant cost savings and simplifying administration.
Customers can choose traditional backups for chain integrity, synthetic full to optimize backup storage or customize their backup and retention plans for administrative flexibility.
The growing use of remote replication with dedupe backup systems and snapshot solutions indicate the importance IT teams place on automated off-site backup storage. Nonetheless, data protection has continued to consume more financial and human resources than IT leaders want to devote to it.
Also, Proact's solution includes primary and backup storage and both physical and virtual servers.
The new high-performance Dell DR4100 disk backup appliance can help customers reduce the amount of necessary backup storage capacity - by up to 15 times - with Dell's built-in data de-duplication and compression technologies, a statement from the company said.