backup software

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backup software

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Software for doing a backup, often included as part of the operating system.

Backup software should provide ways to specify what files get backed up and to where. It may include its own scheduling function to automate the procedure or, preferably, work with generic scheduling facilities. It may include facilities for managing the backup media (e.g. maintaining an index of tapes) and for restoring files from backups.

Examples are Unix's dump command and Windows's ntbackup.
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backup software

Software that copies data from a single machine or from selected computers in a network to a storage medium. At periodic intervals, a backup of the entire hard drive or of selected files and folders can be performed. Backup programs can also be set up to back up files automatically right after they have been updated and saved.

When the Hard Disk Crashes
Company and personal data are the most valuable information to back up. However, if only data are backed up, the OS and applications have to be re-installed, which can be time consuming and costly, not to mention aggravating. The method often recommended is to back up the entire system, including OS and applications. After a disk crash, everything can be restored to the replacement hard drive, and users can resume from that backup point. See backup storage, backup types, backup server, HSM, data recovery and active archiving.

Built In
Rebit, Inc. ( offers software that performs a variety of backup tasks and also sells disks with the software pre-installed. This 500GB drive saved the author of this encyclopedia a ton of installation woes. No more than three days after making a full backup on this unit, the computer's hard disk failed completely. When the drive was replaced, the Rebit "frog" restored the entire system perfectly.
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The company, known throughout the industry as one of the greatest long time developers of Mac Utility Software, has reinvented their award winning backup utility that should be in every Mac user's home.
NTI BackUp Now EZ on the other hand is a complete backup utility that features cloud backup, file and folder backup and system backup.
A Mac version of Stor.Etm Slim is compatible with Apple's Time Machine backup utility.
The systems include a browser-based interface for setup and software and backup utility software. Suite ( is a complete collection of portable applications including a web browser, e-mail client, office suite, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client, antivirus, audio player, Sudoku game, password manager, PDF reader, minesweeper clone, backup utility and integrated menu, all preconfigured to work portably.
Included in the USB-only models is CMS' award-winning BounceBack Express backup software, an easy-to-use backup utility that incorporates scheduling, backup sets, automatic launch options and a quick restore feature.
The backup utility of the OS server has a daily task to make backups from "Current projects" folder of every data servers (level 2).
It provides multiple monitor support, alarm panel integrations, third party device integrations, built-in badging, support for a single server or distributed regional servers, elevator control, visitor management, interactive graphical maps, an automatic backup utility, a custom report designer, and more.
You have the option of using the free backup utility, NTBACKUP.EXE, provided by Microsoft or you can use one of the popular 3rd-party backup products.
Moto Trix Inc., a maker of the Light Buster backup utility lights set out to upgrade its unit.