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"And Moncharmin, behind Richard, also turned about; that is, he described a semicircle behind Richard and also WALKED BACKWARD!...And they went LIKE THAT to the staircase leading to the managers' office: BACKWARD, BACKWARD, BACKWARD!
The ninth sounded and was gone, when the referee gave Ponta a last backward shove and Joe came to his feet, bunched up, covered up, weak, but cool, very cool.
The referee clutched each by the shoulder and sundered them violently, passing quickly between them as he thrust them backward in order to make a clean break of it.
"It's a little tiresome to walk backward, but that is the only way to pass this part of the road, which has a trick of sliding back and carrying with it anyone who is walking upon it."
Cecily took the wishbone in her trembling little hands and began her backward pacing, repeating solemnly, "I wish that we may find Paddy alive, or else his body, so that we can bury him decently." By the time Cecily had repeated this nine times we were all slightly infected with the desperate hope that something might come of it; and when she had made her nine gyrations we looked eagerly down the sunset lane, half expecting to see our lost pet.
After one passes the last of these he has a backward glimpse at the falls which is very pleasing--they rise in a seven-stepped stairway of foamy and glittering cascades, and make a picture which is as charming as it is unusual.
With an oath of pain and rage the man staggered backward, releasing his hold upon her and then sank unconscious to the ground.
The trust had sought a direction to the state government to revise the backward community list in accordance with the Kerala State Backward Classes Act, 1993.
He said the process of economic development could not complete until the backward areas were not brought at par with rest of developed parts of the country.
National resources were wasted on exhibitory projects in the past but we have moved the direction of resources towards backward areas to benefit the citizens living there.
He said that claims of prosperity remained limited to some specific areas in the past and people of backward areas were ignored.
In fact, development and prosperity were rights of every part of the province and keeping this thing in view, the backward areas had been given preference in the journey of development, he added.The development of backward areas and welfare of the people was a mission of the PTI government and:" We are striving hard to improve the standard of life of people living in these areas, the chief minister concluded.