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Chess (of a pawn) behind neighbouring pawns and unable to be supported by them
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What does it mean when you dream about moving backward?

A dream of moving backward may mean the dreamer feels he or she is losing ground in some endeavor. Retracing one’s steps may indicate that information from the past may be needed to bring about an understanding of a current situation, especially one that has gone wrong.

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Metacone is robust and corrugated and is directed backwardly to form a very strong pillar like a metastyle.
It is backwardly directed to form a vertical pillar like mesostylid.
NFC is part of HF RFID, too, being backwardly compatible with other HF RFID standards.
The doggerel and generally deformed (as you rightly say, hindered, averse, thwarted, delayed, backwardly) rhythms and rimes, bathos, peculiarity and solecisms, have a double function of being unheimlich while also being--homesickness even at home and at home with homesickness.
In dorsal view this sheath shows two backwardly flared plates [arrowed in Fig.
USB 3.0 compatibility provides fast data transfer rates of up to 5 gigabits per second, while being backwardly compatible with USB 2.0.
The Greek books, by contrast, are "defensive against strange ideas" and backwardly conservative (p.
For instance, patents in Miscellaneous Metal Products field (Tech 14) has been associated with citations covering a large variety of technology fields (48 fields backwardly and 51 fields forwardly), and with very high GI (0.87 and 0.6).
I met many teachers, principals, students, and their parents; most thought my upbringing to be, at best, backwardly crude.
Google, on the other hand, was not obliged to retain earlier features or to make the service backwardly compatible with older versions, as most commercial software vendors are expected to do when they upgrade their core products.