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Chess (of a pawn) behind neighbouring pawns and unable to be supported by them

What does it mean when you dream about moving backward?

A dream of moving backward may mean the dreamer feels he or she is losing ground in some endeavor. Retracing one’s steps may indicate that information from the past may be needed to bring about an understanding of a current situation, especially one that has gone wrong.

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It is backwardly directed to form a vertical pillar like mesostylid.
For instance, patents in Miscellaneous Metal Products field (Tech 14) has been associated with citations covering a large variety of technology fields (48 fields backwardly and 51 fields forwardly), and with very high GI (0.
I met many teachers, principals, students, and their parents; most thought my upbringing to be, at best, backwardly crude.
Google, on the other hand, was not obliged to retain earlier features or to make the service backwardly compatible with older versions, as most commercial software vendors are expected to do when they upgrade their core products.
The element that I like in this new probe is that it is backwardly compatible with an existing DO meter.
Bobby considers Pullman's texts alongside their classic and canonized forefathers, connecting Mossycoat with Cinderella and The Scarecrow and His Servant with Don Quixote for example, but history feels backwardly collapsed with Bobby's comparative analysis identifying, primarily, equivalences and reducing the interpretation of his works to those of their original counterparts.
Many empirical studies find that individual players do not adopt the rational strategy of early termination, but coordinate despite the temptation to backwardly induce their way to defection.
Each port has up to 20Gbit/s transfer rate and is backwardly compatible with Thunderbolt 1.
Instead, what we have is backwardly compatible with mil-spec MOLLE.
and Europe in November 2012 and Japan the next month, was designed to be backwardly compatible with all earlier versions of the original Nintendo Wii console.
Status(Z)=-1; 11: else if Condition B' not satisfied at z + h ; then 12: Z=Z [subset] {z + h/2}; Status(z + h/2)=-1; 13: else 14: Status(z)=0; 15: end if 16: end for 17: if no new points were inserted in Z, then 18: for z [member of] Z, do 19: if Condition C is backwardly violated, then 20: Z=Z [union] {z - h/2}; Status(z - h/2)=-1; 21: end if 22: end for 23: end if 24: end while 25: Integral = [[SIGMA].