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Chess (of a pawn) behind neighbouring pawns and unable to be supported by them

What does it mean when you dream about moving backward?

A dream of moving backward may mean the dreamer feels he or she is losing ground in some endeavor. Retracing one’s steps may indicate that information from the past may be needed to bring about an understanding of a current situation, especially one that has gone wrong.

References in classic literature ?
And as most probably she liked Tom as well as he liked her, so when she perceived his backwardness she herself grew proportionably forward; and when she saw he had entirely deserted the house, she found means of throwing herself in his way, and behaved in such a manner that the youth must have had very much or very little of the heroe if her endeavours had proved unsuccessful.
I told him the dreadful exigence I was in; that my love to him, and his offering to have me forget that affection and remove it to another, had thrown me down; and that I had a thousand times wished I might die rather than recover, and to have the same circumstances to struggle with as I had before, and that his backwardness to life had been the great reason of the slowness of my recovering.
There was a little backwardness in complying, for the freight looked too much for the boat; but on Riderhood's protesting 'that he had had half a dozen, dead and alive, in her afore now, and she was nothing deep in the water nor down in the stern even then, to speak of;' they carefully took their places, and trimmed the crazy thing.
Why, truly," said I, "my friend, I think it is, and I begin to be a convert to the principles of merchandising; but I must tell you, by the way, you do not know what I am doing; for if I once conquer my backwardness, and embark heartily, old as I am, I shall harass you up and down the world till I tire you; for I shall pursue it so eagerly, I shall never let you lie still.
QUETTA -- President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain has said that there were several causes of Balochistan's backwardness adding that only the government cannot be accused of it.
Kundu committee had given 19 reasons for the educational backwardness of Muslims including their economic backwardness," he said.
NNA - "Democratic Gathering" Head, MP Walid Jumblatt categorically considered that we are currently sustaining a war of values rather than a war of civilizations, a profound conflict between the values of equality, openness, freedom and tolerance and that of religious isolation and intellectual intolerance and backwardness.
He said that backwardness of South Punjab was used as a political slogan in the past while the present budget is a proof of practical steps.
THEIR bloodlust to restore foxhunting symbolises the backwardness of a Conservative Party stuck in the past.
But the bench said, " We cannot agree with the The third transgenders/ socially educationally citizens 2014 organised in other They socio- backward took educational backwardness criteria.
PESHAWAR -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan said Wednesday dignified return of displace people to their homes, establishment of peace and development besides ending the backwardness in tribal areas was the top priorities of the present Government.
There were two causes to this problem: racial prejudice and the cultural, social, economic, and educational backwardness of the Negro.