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Holger Reithinger of Forbion Capital Partners and member of Allecra's Board said, "It is our shared objective at Allecra to deliver to the medical community novel treatments to help fight the epidemic of bacterial resistance.
Decisive action is needed to establish efficient monitoring programs that include not only surveillance and control of clinical bacterial resistance but also environmental levels of resistance.
Salyers and Whitt's Revenge of the Microbes is an extremely thorough, well-organized book that offers detailed answers to nearly any question imaginable about bacterial resistance to antibiotics.
More than 700 soaps and other antimicrobial products are marketed commercially for the home, but use of these decontaminants does not impact bacterial resistance in the environment at the level that medicine and agriculture do.
This information will help identify possible targets for intervention strategies to prevent development and transfer of bacterial resistance," says Frye.
The stand-out feature of Biosignal's anti-bacterial approach is side-stepping the previously intractable problem of bacterial resistance," said Oredsson.
The core target human application appears to be as a class of antibiotics that may sidestep bacterial resistance.
Diana Gibb of the UK's Medical Research Council and her British and Zambian colleagues conducted the November Lancet study in an area with high bacterial resistance to the medicine.
side, and globally, rising levels of bacterial resistance to antibiotics in humans is compounded by a lack of new products in the pipeline for treating humans or animals.
Prolonged courses of antibiotics may contribute to the evolution of bacterial resistance in general.
Using a mathematical model to probe the evolutionary dynamics of bacterial resistance to antibiotics, researchers have found evidence that agricultural use of the drugs accelerates the rise of resistant bacterial strains.
A recent government report concludes that since the poultry industry gained permission to use fluoroquinolones, bacterial resistance among humans has gone up from about zero to fourteen percent.

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