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, invasion of the bloodstream by virulent bacteria that multiply and discharge their toxic products. The disorder, which is serious and sometimes fatal, is commonly known as blood poisoning.
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the presence of bacteria in the blood. Bacteria enter the blood of man and animals through injuries of the skin and mucous membranes, and also when there are pathological changes in the lymph nodes, vascular system, and so on. Bacteremia accompanies many infectious diseases, such as leptospirosis, typhus, relapsing fever, and tularemia; it is especially characteristic of intestinal infections—typhoid, paratyphoid, and other salmonelloses; brucellosis, and others—in which it causes generalization of the pathologic process. Bacteremia is most intensely expressed during the acute (generalized) period of a disease. Bacteremia develops under the action of medium and large doses of ionizing radiation as a result of disruption of natural immunity. There is a decrease in the production of antibodies, a decrease in the number of leukocytes and of their phagocytic activity, and also changes in the permeability of tissue barriers and a number of other factors. Bacteremia is a characteristic complication of radiation sickness. As the organism overwhelms the disease (activation of the phagocytic function of the leukocytes, accumulation of antibodies, and so on), bacteremia decreases to the point of complete disappearance.


Presence of bacteria in the blood.
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Se estima que el cateter es el origen del 50-80% de las bacteriemias en pacientes en hemodialisis y que el riesgo de bacteriemia es de hasta el 48% a los 6 meses de la insercion.
La tasa de bacteriemia durante el periodo de conexion directa fue de 24,6 bacteriemias/ 1000 cateteres-dia, mientras que durante el periodo de uso de bioconectores fue de 5,47 bacteriemias/ 1000 cateteres-dia (p= 0,036).
Asi mismo, se recogieron todos los datos relacionados con la incidencia de bacteriemia durante todo el periodo de estudio.
Durante este periodo se produjeron 8 episodios de bacteriemia lo que supone una tasa de incidencia de bacteriemias de 1,8 bacteriemias / 1.
Out patient did not have an intra-abdominal infection but he had urinary infection complicated with bacteriemia.
Aunque la infeccion es menos frecuente, la bacteriemia relacionada con el cateter (BRC) causa una elevada morbimortalidad.
Estudiar el indice de bacteriemia relacionada con el cateter (BRC), en pacientes portadores del mismo para HD, durante un periodo de 800 dias.
Se realizo un estudio observacional prospectivo en el que se analizaron todos los ingresos por bacteriemia relacionada con el cateter de hemodialisis durante el ano 2011.
Although the patient had no history of gastroenteritis, cholelithiasis or antacid drug usage, widespread contamination of poultry foods by salmonella species may also lead to transient bacteriemias (3, 4).
Las bacteriemias relacionadas con el cateter central para hemodialisis (HD) es una de las principales complicaciones de los pacientes con Insuficiencia Renal Cronica (IRC) sometidos a esta terapia.
In selected high risk patients, prophylactic use of fluoroquinolones is suggested to reduce the incidence of Gram-negative bacteriemias.