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Pol. Łuck, city (1989 pop. 198,000), capital of Volyn region (see Volhynia), Ukraine, a port on the Styr River. Its industries produce scientific instruments, food products, and textiles.
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, Ukraine.
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And jist wid that in cum'd the little willian himself, and then he made me a broth of a bow, and thin he said he had ounly taken the liberty of doing me the honor of the giving me a call, and thin he went on to palaver at a great rate, and divil the bit did I comprehind what he wud be afther the tilling me at all at all, excipting and saving that he said "pully wou, woolly wou," and tould me, among a bushel o' lies, bad luck to him, that he was mad for the love o' my widdy Misthress Tracle, and that my widdy Mrs.
She, however, who had been stopped, breaking silence, said angrily and testily, "Get out of the way, bad luck to you, and let us pass, for we are in a hurry.
The gamester, who loses his party at piquet by a single point, laments his bad luck ten times as much as he who never came within a prospect of the game.
I believe it was you, unless I have had the bad luck to mistake the person in following?
Though he made the best of his bad luck, he did not like his quarters at all; and the worst of it was, that more and more hay was always coming down, and the space left for him became smaller and smaller.
In it, he cautioned of how the Titanic may have been followed by bad luck associated with her sister ship the Olympic, which had accidentally collided with a battleship the year before.
Despite the bad luck, the couple, from Bishop Auckland, County Durham, still managed to get hitched and have just returned from their honeymoon in the Greek resort of Parga.
The brave grandmother has spent the past three years battling kidney cancer and believes her win marks the end of a string of bad luck.
It wasn't bad luck that we didn't beat the Black Cats.
It obviously wasn't on Tuesday, because bad luck struck as soon as we made the slightest move to return the living room to normal.
As a young child Daja had been considered bad luck and cast aside by the Traders.