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/nee'wis/, /n[y]oo'is/ or /n[y]ooz/ Network extensible Window System.

Many hackers insist on the two-syllable pronunciations above as a way of distinguishing NeWS from news (the netnews software).




(1) See Usenet and syndication format.

(2) (NeWS) (Network Extensible Windowing Support) A networked windowing system (similar to X Windows) from Sun that renders PostScript fonts on screen the way they print on a PostScript printer.
References in classic literature ?
If it is to that bad news I owe your presence, marquise, welcome be even that bad news
In time of "really bad news," advisors and companies must rely on more than past educational sessions, service and support.
You understand, Bad News, that I was raised Roman Catholic and Protestant.
Parents receiving bad news from professionals have reported that some professionals appeared tense, hurried, distracted, and even took phone calls during the conversation (Ablon, 2000; Nissenbaum et al.
The bad news is he only stayed five hours and then came right home.
He dreams of winning bike races, makes some unexpected new friends, and falls in love with beautiful Silvia, only to find he's too afraid to deliver bad news to her.
The problem with that is we have found that our competitors, or people who are not supportive of a certain program, find out about bad news as fast as anybody.
MEMBERS of the Women's Institute in Nuneaton were greeted with bad news and good news when they turned up for their latest meeting.
There's both good and bad news regarding the reaction of states to the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.
From the effects of the tsunami in December to the renewed Bush administration assault on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the world has been awash in very bad news these days.
But the bad news is that it won't be weakened either, so public companies won't be seeing any relief from the law's rigorous demands this year.