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The bolt is captured, so when it comes loose from the shroud it will still be holding the baffles onto the shaft.
The actual rifled barrel of the ISB extends only 10.6 inches in length, while the remaining 5.4 inches houses the six-piece, removable baffle stack.
The simulation results for 0.5 kg/s mass flow rate for existing and modified models (with 10[degrees], 15[degrees], 20[degrees] and 25[degrees] baffle cut) are obtained.
manufactures a broad range of attractive direct-apply, glue-up and suspended ceiling and wall panels, clouds, baffles and other acoustical products for commercial and industrial applications.
Figure 2a and b shows monomer conversion as a function of reaction time at different impeller speeds of 20, 100, 250, and 350 rpm, with and without baffles at the isothermal reactor temperature of (a) 50[degrees]C and (b) 60[degrees]C.
The results and discussion are presented in four parts; the first part discusses the effect of the vertical baffle installed at the bottom of the basin, the second part deals with the angle of the baffle and the last two parts describes the effects of Froude number and flow depth on sediment removal efficiency.
The reversible baffles can be installed in either orientation for proper airflow from cold to hot aisles.
They used a single partial baffle 0.2 T wide, immersed from the top of the liquid to a depth of 0.3 T, an axial impeller of 0.6 T diameter, and the impeller off bottom clearance in the range of (T/9 - 3T/9) as the optimum configuration.
A convertible pantyliner including a liner, a baffle and an absorbent core in between the liner and baffle was patented.